US State Of Indiana Lauds Sikhs Contribution To US, Passes Resolution To Mark The Move

Washington: As per the media reports available the US state of Indiana has passed a resolution recognizing Sikhs’ “significant contributions” to America.

“The Indiana Senate recognises and acknowledges the significant contributions that American Sikhs have made across the US and to the State of Indiana on the great occasion of Vaisakhi as ‘Sikh Day’,” purportedly reads the resolution.

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, second left in the back row, and Chairman of Sikhs Political Affairs Committee Gurinder Singh Khalsa at a prayer in the Indiana Senate on Friday which has unanimously passed a resolution recognising the Sikh community’s “significant contributions” to America. Tribune Photo

The resolution was introduced by Indiana Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch, and it is said to have been passed unanimously by the Indiana Senate here on last Friday (21st April).

Eminent community leader and chairman of Sikhs political affairs committee Gurinder Singh Khalsa started the senate session with a Sikh prayer. US Vice-President Mike Pence sent his support for the resolution, notes The Tribune (TT).

Media sources further indicates that both the Sikh day and Vaisakhi day will be celebrated on May 15 in the Indiana State House with Governor Eric Holcomb.

Passage of the resolution is an important milestone in the history of Sikhs in the US, Gurinder Singh Khalsa said in his statement who was instrumental for the move. This is the “start of something special and significant for the Sikhs” all across America, he further added to his statement. He hoped his efforts would expand Sikh culture of selfless service to community and be a beacon of hope in spreading Sikh values of humanity, diversity, interfaith dialogue and economic empowerment.

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