Pointed Out For Being A Muslim By My Senior For The First Time In My Career, Youth Affairs Joint Director Complaints

New Delhi: As per the media reports  a Joint Director with Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), an autonomous body under the Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, has complained about what he calls his senior’s “communal, biased and divisive mentality.”

In an email sent to L K Gupta, Joint Secretary, Department of Youth Affairs, Joint Director Chaudhary M Atif has alleged that Maj Gen Dilawar Singh, Director General, NYKS, told him during a meeting that his (Atif”s) “heart beats on religious lines only,” said the media reports.

In the email, dated January 9, 2017, Chaudhary Atif purportedly wrote: “Never in professional life have I experienced such a communal comment from any of my seniors or my colleagues.” When contacted by the media, Chaudhary Atif said: “I hope justice will be done. That is why I am pursuing the matter.”

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On the other hand when Maj Gen Dilawar Singh was contacted by the media he outrightly denied the allegation leveled against his and maintained that he had “great respect for Islam and Muslims.”

Chaudhary Atif stated that at a department meeting on January 9, Dilawar Singh asked him why he had not responded to his text message the previous day about the admission of one Upendra Thakur (state director of NYKS Maharashtra) to the hospital.

He further stated that  he couldn’t reply since he was busy at a social event. To which Dilawar Singh said, according to Atif: “Your heart beats on religious lines only.”

Moreover, Chaudhary Atif further added that  “when it was the case of giving medical assistance to Ms Husnjahan (an employee with the Uttar Pradesh unit of NYKS), I was active, whereas in the case of Shri Upendra Thakur, I was complacent,” reads a quote from a report published in an English vernacular.

“This is for the first time that a communal, biased and divisive mentality I have experienced in my entire life and I strongly object and register my protest with you. I am hurt Sir.” reads a quote from the email sent to Joint Director by Chaudhary Atif.

Additionally, Chaudhary Atif termed Dilawar Singh as “abusive” and “dictatorial, and further alleged that he tried to “communalise the relations between me and the Board of Governors members…cursed me that I would go to Dozakh (hell).”

He further added that Dilawar Singh delayed sanctioning of medical advance to Husnjahan whose mother was on her deathbed and died without receiving the advance. As for Thakur”s case, Atif says that he was “continuously following up with Maharashtra staff and taking updates on his welfare”, reads a quote from a report published in Indian Express (IE).

Apparently, media reports indicated that Dilawar Singh while denying the allegation put up by Chaudhary Atif claimed that “I have spent 35 years in the Army working with Muslim jawans and Muslim civilians. I have read the Quran…organised Iztema in Jammu and Kashmir. I have preached Islam and constructed mosques. It is not in my character to make such remarks.” Asked about the alleged delay in clearing the medical advance, Dilawar Singh said: “When Atif himself applied for medical advance, it was cleared the same day. Similarly Husnjahan”s advance was also cleared on the day it arrived on my table,” he said.

Dilawar Singh too sent a letter to Dubey on March 15 in which he accused Atif of making false allegations.

While referring  undisclosed sources  close to Dilawar Singh media reports indicate that Atif faced allegations of financial irregularities in 2003 when he was posted in Madhya Pradesh and so his complaint was motivated. Confirming that such allegations were made against him, Atif said that they were false. “Four inquiries and disciplinary proceedings were held against me. All have given me a clean chit,” he said.

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