OutJusticed 2 (Review by Harjinder Singh, Akaal Publishers)

by: Harjinder Singh, Akaal Publishers*

I attended the screening of ‘Outjusticed 2’ in Birmingham, UK. I had watched the trailer and vaguely knew it would be about Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh (1994 – 2012). Jaspal Singh was a Sikh youth who had been fatally shot by the Punjab Police – what was his crime you may ask? He was peacefully protesting when the police opened indiscriminate fire, chasing and beating the peaceful protestors. He had fallen to a bullet from the police when trying to escape their wrath.

OutJusticed 2 documentary was screened at 13 different places in England by naujawani

Bhai Jaspal Singh’s martyrdom and image have become iconic in modern Sikh folklore. The documentary – Outjusticed 2, opened with his parents reminiscing the demise of their son. I was immediately fighting the tears back when I saw and heard Bhai Jaspal Singh’s mother speak of her son – she mentioned how he was always smiling and had a defiant spirit. She told of how he had foretold her of his desire to attain martyrdom and that she should not cry should he meet this fate, but rather wear orange (the Sikh national colour) with pride.

For me, a researcher, a writer and an honorary member of some families of martyrs – this mother’s sombre and emotional speech shook me to my core. But, much like her, I too successfully fought on and did not shed a tear, even though my whole psyche was crying. For me, she was my mother, Bhai Jaspal Singh was my younger brother – they were and ARE my family. I felt helpless, a failure in me, for failing this family, for failing the martyrdom of my brother…. But back to the story and review… In short, the documentary critically appraises the circumstances of Bhai Jaspal Singh’s death and provides primary evidence of actual footage of the day of his demise. Witnesses, friends, family and lawyers – outline the travesty of justice timeline. A police officer gunned down Bhai Jaspal Singh with an AK-47 – the police’s defence was that the bullet wasn’t intended to kill him, it was an accident caused by the bullet ricocheting into him. The gun is known, the shooter is known, the video evidence shows the police acting like hooligans firing indiscriminately – but no – it was an accident!

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