US: Man’s racist Snapchat pics of Sikh passenger triggers outrage

Chandigarh: As per media reports a Snapchat user on board a US-bound flight has been slammed as racist for sharing images of a Sikh man he labelled a “terrorist”.

He has also been criticised for mistakenly identifying him as a Muslim.

The images have emerged on Twitter of four different photographs the man took on board the plane as it headed towards its destination, believed to be the US.

“Never mind I might not make it to Indy,” he says in the first image with the Sikh man circled.

“Update I’m still alive,” he says later as the man sleeps behind him.

“Please god let the man sleep,” he captioned a third pic.

And finally he took a selfie captioned: “Ok he just walk (sic) to the back of the Plane then to the front then to his seat”.

Screenshot of controversial snapchat

The four pics have been re-tweeted more than 7,000 times with users condemning the man for being racially insensitive.

Simran Jeet Singh, a Sikh man who posted the pics, said he’s no stranger to similar treatment.

“As a Sikh who flies frequently, I’m no stranger to the uncomfortable stares and misguided fears people have of me,” he tweeted.

“This series of snaps should give you a sense of what it’s like for anyone who appears to be Muslim to travel by plane.

“I think twice about getting up to use the restroom. I feel self-conscious when opening the overhead bin to take something out of my luggage.”

Another Twitter user condemned the Snapchat user as “an idiot” and said “Sikh are peaceful people.”

“This is absolutely disgusting behaviour,” another Twitter user said.

In 2015 a Sikh man was hailed as a hero for breaking a strict religious practice by removing his turban to save a child’s life in New Zealand.

Harman Singh (right) helping the injured child [File Photo]

Harman Singh, 22, told the New Zealand Herald he heard the accident outside his home before he ran to investigate.

He took off his turban to cradle the bleeding head of a five-year-old boy that had been hit by a car on the way to school in Auckland.

“I think anyone else would’ve done the same as me,” Mr Singh said.

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