Labour Party In UK To Vouch For Sikhs ‘Right To Wear Kakkars’

London: As per the media reports the Labour Party of UK in their recently released race and faith manifesto  has promised to defend Sikhs’ right to wear all Kakkars (articles of faith). In its election manifesto, the party also promised the Sikhs  that it will look into the 1984 Sikh genocide, if voted to power.

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By making a commitment to defend Sikhs’ right to wear Kakkars (articles of faith) Labour is addressing an issue of real concern for the UK’s Sikh community,” said Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson in a statement issued by Sikhs for Labour .He said the Sikhs are well established in the country and there is a long shared history between Sikhs and the UK, said the media reports.

“The Labour party believes in a society where faith is values and people are able to practice their faith freely .I know how important it is for Sikhs to be able to wear their Kakkars (articles of faith), but I am also aware of the challenges that can arise when they do so” he adds.

Moreover, reassuring the Sikhs the deputy leader of the labour party Tom Watson while interacting with the media stated that ”the party is addressing issues of concern to the community and will work with Sikh organizations on these issues.Given the Sikhs’ considerable population, the Labour party has fielded two turbaned Sikhs and a Sikh woman from the constituencies which are considered winnable.”

“But although there are some protections for Sikhs in law, the existing legal framework rests on a wide range of legislation and guidance that is often unrelated and does not always provide the protection Parliament intended. I will work with Sikh organizations, including Sikhs for Labour, to examine how Parliament can bring the existing protections together so they are simpler to understand and easier to implement,” he further added to his statement.

At an earlier round table with Leader of the Labour party coordinated by Sikhs for Labour, written submissions argued for “introduction of statutory regulations that collate current legislation and guidance, reports Times Of India (ToI).

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