Favouring scrapping of archiac laws, Dal Khalsa hits out at Punjab govt. for misusing Sedition law

Hoshiarpur: Hitting out at the Punjab government for misusing the provisions of sedition law, the Dal Khalsa said Chief Minister Amrinder Singh has tried to hit multiple targets with one stone. To end the abuse of archaic laws of colonial-era, the organization favoured scrapping of such laws.

Bhai Harcharanjit Singh Dhami.(File Photo)

In a statement party leader H S Dhami said by framing charges against five activists of Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), Amarinder govt on one hand has aimed to instill fear psychosis in the minds of those Sikhs, who are inclined towards Sikh goal for independence and win the applauds from the BJP and Modi dispensation on the other.

Ironically, the police have once again acted under political duress without caring for the law. “The DGP knows in his guts that the case would fell flat once it reaches the Higher Court as it has been build on flimsy grounds”, said Dhami.

He said the Punjab government and political thinkers are aware that the referendum 2020 can’t become reality in practical terms till either the United Nations or India declares to hold it in 2020. All hue and cries by Amrinder, his administration and Hindutva forces were sham.

In this age, when the U.K. and Canada have allowed referendum to its states, the tall claims of India being a practicing and mature democracy stands badly exposed, said the former president.

H. S. Dhami took the BJP to task for targeting H S Phoolka and Navkiran Singh for their activism in the field of human rights. He said the SFJ has been working in tandem with AISSF led by Peermohammad in Punjab. “We are surprised why was Karnail Singh Peermohammad reluctant to speak and confront the wrongdoings of the state”.

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